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Faculty Writing Group Grant Program

The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost created the Faculty Writing Group Grants to support instructional faculty in their career development. The primary goal of this grant is to encourage faculty to form collaborative support networks outside of their home departments and colleges that will contribute their research and writing productivity as they advance in their careers.  Although initially designed for only post-tenure faculty, the value of having a variety of faculty ranks in these groups has led to an expansion to all ranks of instructional faculty.

Groups will receive a $2,000 grant toward their proposed goals. Approximately 5 grants will be funded each year.

2022-23 Faculty Writing Group Grant Application (PDF)

Proposals for this grant program should be submitted electronically to Rachel Gabriele on or before May 15, 2022 for consideration. 

Funds for accepted proposals will be transferred in July or August of 2022.

Further details on this grant program, and the application process, are below.

Proposal Assessment Guidelines

Proposals will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • clearly articulated goals;
  • creates a collaborative support network of faculty from multiple departments and/or colleges;
  • encourages advancement of faculty research and writing goals;
  • supports faculty career development needs;
  • engages a number of group members who are post-tenure;
  • potential positive impact to the individuals, group and broader university community

Examples of Potential Proposals and Projects

Example: Group A

Goal: Individual Productivity

Each faculty member indicated a production goal:

  • Dr. A: submit two articles for publication
  • Dr. B: prepare proposal for and subsequent presentation(s) for two conferences
  • Dr. C: complete two book chapters
  • Dr. D: submit two articles for publication
  • Dr. E: prepare and submit three grant proposals

The group will meet three times in the fall semester and three times in the spring semester. At each meeting, faculty will check in on each others progress, offer feedback on obstacles or challenges, and share successes.


  • Dr. A: Department of Population Health Sciences (CVM)
  • Dr. B: Department of Chemistry (COS)
  • Dr. C: Department of History (CLAHS)
  • Dr. D: Department of Management (PCOB)
  • Dr. E: Department of Computer Science (COE)

Estimated Budget

Conference registration for Dr. B*: $500
Travel for Dr. E to granting agencies*: $500
External editing and indexing services*: $500
Foor for six meetings*: $500
Total: $2,000
*All expenditures must be in accordance with Virginia Tech policies and procedures.

Example: Group B

Goal: Collaborative Research on Artificial Intelligence

Faculty will meet regularly to discuss their disciplinary interests related to a common research area, with one, or several of the following goals as a group:

  • submitting grant proposals
  • planning a speaker series or symposium
  • convening a panel for a conference

The group will meet four times in the fall semester and three times in the spring semester. In the early meetings we will discuss our disciplinary interests and finalize our goal for the year. Subsequent meetings will involve work towards the designated goal.


  • Dr. A: Department of Philosophy (CLAHS)
  • Dr. B: Department of Computer Science (COE)
  • Dr. C: School of Neuroscience (COS)
  • Dr. D: Industrial Design (CAUS)
  • Dr. E: Department of Mechanical Engineering (COE)

Estimated Budget

Symposium costs*: $2,000
*Symposium will likely coast more than this. Additional funding will be requested from individual departments and other campus sources.


Email Rachel Gabriele, Assistant Provost for Faculty Initiatives and Policies
Phone: 540-231-4508