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Emeritus or Emerita Status

Conferral of the title of emeritus/a is recommended by the president to the Board of Visitors for approval to recognize certain faculty who have given exemplary service to the university. 

Further information about eligibility for emeritus/a designation can found in Section 3.2.4 of the Faculty Handbook.

Non-financial benefits for retiring faculty members approved for emeritus/a status are described in University Policy 4405.

Nomination Process

Faculty members eligible for emeritus/a status should determine their retirement date in consultation with the Department of Human Resources (HR).

The Office of the Provost receives notification from HR of upcoming faculty retirements and, as appropriate, will then provide the department head with a nomination form (PDF) and other information about the nomination process.

If the department supports nomination, the department head prepares the draft resolution and submits it with a signed nomination form to the college dean's office.

The college dean’s office reviews and approves nominations, and then submitted electronically via Sharepoint or via email to Rachel Gabriele. Note: nominated faculty can only be brought to the Board of Visitors for consideration after their official retirement date.

Those recommended for emeritus/a status are reviewed and approved at the quarterly meetings of the Board of Visitors. A copy of the resolution and a certificate of appreciation are provided to the emeritus/a faculty member. A copy of the approved resolution will also be sent to the department and college for their records.

Once approved by the Board of Visitors, the names of emeritus/a faculty will be added to the Emeritus/a Faculty Listing.

Displaying Information in online directory

Generally, retirees' information will not display in the VT People Search or other online white pages. Emeritus/a faculty members may elect to have their information displayed in VT People Search. For instructions, refer to Displaying or Concealing Your Personal Information.

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