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Academy of Faculty Leadership Members

The Academy of Faculty Leadership was created in 2016 to recognize exceptional leadership within the university, either within or beyond a faculty member’s usual responsibilities. Instructional, research, administrative, and professional faculty members are eligible for inclusion in the Academy of Faculty Leadership. 

Appointees are recognized for having:

  • Modeled exemplary leadership (in formal or informal roles within the university), through activities and approaches that
    • significantly advance a culture of collaborative leadership, 
    • promote faculty, staff, and/or student development, and/or
    • advance program or curricular transformation; and
  • Made a notable, demonstrable, positive impact within the university community (as evidenced by the nomination statement and letters of support).

Current Members of the Academy of Faculty Leadership

  • Kevin Edgar - Professor, Sustainable Biomaterials; appointed 2023
  • William Knocke - Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; appointed 2023
  • Donna Wertalik - Director of Undergraduate Student Engagement, Marketing; appointed 2023
  • John Ferris - Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering; appointed 2021
  • Michael Fox - Director, School of Neuroscience; appointed 2021
  • Holly Matusovich - Assistant Department Head, Engineering Education: appointed 2020
  • Brenda Winkel - Professor, Biological Sciences; appointed 2020
  • Richard Crowder - Professor, Agriculture and Applied Economics; appointed 2019
  • Robert Denton - Professor and Department Head, Communication and W. Thomas Rice Chair; appointed 2019
  • Joe Merola - Professor, Chemistry; appointed 2019
  • Kevin Boyle - Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics; appointed 2018
  • Kathryn Albright - Professor of Architecture and Associate Dean of the College of Architecture and Urban Studies; appointed 2016
  • Matthew Gabriele - Associate Professor of Religion and Culture and Principal of the Residential College at Ambler Johnston; appointed 2016
  • John McDowell - Professor of Plant Pathology, Physiology, and Weed Sciences and Associate Scientific Director of the Fralin Life Sciences Institute; appointed 2016
  • David Bevan - Professor of Biochemistry in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; appointed 2017
  • Patricia Raun - Professor of Performance and Voice at the School of Performing Arts in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences; appointed 2017