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Academy of Faculty Service Members

The Academy of Faculty Service recognizes exceptional service to the university beyond a faculty member’s usual responsibilities. Instructional, research, administrative, and professional faculty members are eligible for inclusion in the Academy of Faculty Service. 

Appointees are recognized for having:

  • Successfully completed an elected or appointed term of office in university governance, or completed the assignment or set of responsibilities associated with a university-level project (e.g. task force, work group, ad-hoc committee), or
  • Made commendable service contributions at the university level outside of usual responsibilities and ongoing formal governance roles; and
  • Made a notable, demonstrable, positive impact on the university (as evidenced by the nomination statement and letters of support).

Current Members of the Academy of Faculty Service

  • William Knocke - Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; appointed 2023
  • Bob Hicok - Professor, English; appointed 2021
  • James Hawdon - Professor and Interim Chair, Sociology; appointed 2020
  • Mike Ellerbrock - Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics; appointed 2020
  • Nyusya Milman-Miller - Associate Professor, Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures; appointed 2019
  • Richard Helm - Associate Professor, Biochemistry; Director, Virginia Tech Mass Spectrometry Incubator; appointed 2019
  • Patricia Lavender - Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Advising and Arts Administration for the School of Performing Arts; appointed 2018
  • Rosemary Blieszner - Alumni Distinguished Professor in Human Development and Associate Dean of the Graduate School; appointed 1989
  • George Clum - Professor of Psychology; appointed 1992
  • W. Samuel Easterling - Department Head and Montague-Betts Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering; appointed 2014
  • Ludeman Eng - Associate Professor of Biomedical Science; appointed 1990
  • Ken Eriksson - Professor of Geology; appointed 2014
  • Joseph Falkinham - Professor of Biological Sciences; appointed 1992
  • Diana Farkas - Professor of Materials Science Engineering; appointed 1989
  • Virginia Fowler - Professor of English; appointed 2015
  • Leon Geyer - Professor of Agriculture and Applied Economincs; appointed 1991
  • Rosemary Goss - Professor of Apparel, Housing, and Resource Management and Associate Director of the Program in Real Estate; appointed 1989
  • Janine Hiller - Richard E. Sorensen Professor of Finance; appointed 1989
  • Richard Hirsh - Professor of History; appointed 2014
  • Frances Keene - Chief of Operations and Deputy to the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs; appointed 2014
  • James Knight - Professor of Animal and Poultry Sciences; appointed 1994
  • Gary Long - Associate Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean of the College of Science; appointed 2014
  • Joe Merola - Professor of Chemistry; appointed 2014
  • Joseph Pitt - Professor of Philosophy; appointed 1986
  • Marlene Preston - Associate Professor of Communication, Assistant Department Head and Director of Undergraduate Programs in Communication; appointed 2016
  • Terry Rakes - Houchens Professor of Business Information Technology; appointed 1996
  • Kerry Redican - Professor and Program co-Director of Population Health Sciences; appointed 1996
  • Susanna Rinehart - Associate Professor and Faculty Chair of Theatre and Cinema; appointed 2015
  • Ann Stevens - Professor of Biological Sciences; appointed 2014
  • Robert Sumichrast - Dean of the Pamplin College of Business; appointed 1994
  • Diane Zahm - Associate Professor of Urban Affairs and Planning; appointed 2015

Past Members of the Academy of Faculty Service

  • Sean Arthur - Professor Emeritus of Computer Science; appointed 1992
  • Richard Bambach - Professor Emeritus of Geological Sciences; appointed 1989
  • Davie Beagle - Assistant Professor Emeritus of University Libraries; appointed 1995
  • Art Buikema, Jr. - Alumni Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Ecology; appointed 2015
  • Dayton Egger - Nancy and Patrick Lathrop Professor Emeritus of Architecture; appointed 1990
  • Richard Fell - Professor Emeritus of Entomology; appointed 1996
  • Ellsworth "Skip" Fuhrman - Professor Emeritus of Science and Technology Studies and Sociology; appointed 1997
  • Michael Lamber - Associate Director of Program Development for Virginia Cooperative Extension; appointed 1996
  • Susan Magliaro - Professor Emerita of Educational Psychology; appointed 1997
  • James McKenna - Professor Emeritus of Crop & Soil Environmental Sciences; appointed 1996
  • John Novak - Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering; appointed 1986
  • David Parks - Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies; appointed 1986
  • Paul Metz - Professor Emeritus of University Libraries; appointed 1996
  • Thomas Sherman - Professor Emeritus of Teaching and Learning; appointed 1996
  • Paul Siegel - University Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Animal and Poultry Sciences; appointed 1986
  • Paul Sorrentino - Professor Emeritus of English; appointed 1993