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Endowed Chairs, Professorships, and Fellowships

Endowed chairs, professorships, and fellowships are established by a donor who provides an endowment to support the salary and/or operating funds of the professor. Funding levels determine whether the endowed position is a chair, professorship, or fellowship.

Each college has formal procedures for the nomination and appointment to endowed chairs, professorships, and fellowships, which include review by a college honorifics committee or promotion and tenure committee. The Faculty Honorifics Committee reviews extra-collegiate nominations to endowed chairs, professorships, and fellowships. After review by the appropriate college committee, recommendations are then made by the college dean and approved by the provost and the board of visitors. 

Such an appointment may continue through the active career of the professor at the university, unless it is relinquished in favor of some other honored or administrative appointment or unless the appointment has specific term limitations, which may be renewable.

Current Listing of Filled Endowed Chairs, Professorships, and Fellowships (PDF)

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