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Leading at Every Level: College or Division Leader

Like department and program leaders, College/Division leaders work with a wide range of individuals, and have a wide range of position responsibilities. College and/or Division Leaders must be able to bring faculty and staff together in pursuit of common goals, as well as encouraging collaboration and supporting effectiveness of a range of departments within their college/division. There are a number of skills and competencies related to managing and leading at this level.

The Executive Development Institute is a university-sponsored cohort-based leadership development program geared toward leaders at or aspiring to this level of leadership. It is designed to provide information, skills, and competency development that address the range of management and leadership responsibilities at this level. Nominations are sought for the program annually.

Main areas of management responsibilities and leadership competencies at this level are provided below, along with available resources for leadership development.

Management Responsibilities and Resources

Leading At Every Level: Department/Program Leader, Management Responsibilities

Leadership Compentencies and Resources

Leading At Every Level: College/Division Leader, Leadership Competencies

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