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Faculty Reconciliation

Reconciliation is available to Teaching/Research, Administrative and Professional, and Research Faculty.

The Faculty Senate's Committee on Reconciliation offers advice and counsel to faculty members who seek it, particularly in relation to disputes with immediate supervisors or university administrators. Email Kenneth Eriksson, Faculty Reconciliation Coordinator.

General Guidelines

Cooperation and candor from all members of the university community are prerequisite to the successful functioning of the Committee on Reconciliation in investigating serious and delicate cases. Confidential information concerning personnel and academic issues may be shared with the committee; it keeps no written records and treats all matters with utmost sensitivity. In the event that a case proceeds to grievance, the Reconciliation Committee can still be approached to assist in informal resolution of disputes but will not participate in the grievance process.

Administrative and professional faculty members who wish to pursue reconciliation are referred to section 7.7.1 of the Faculty Handbook. Eriksson will work with an A/P faculty member on these cases.