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Faculty members may resolve complaints about selected employment actions through the grievance process.

Options available to resolve differences in the workplace include the Faculty Senate's Committee on Reconciliation and the Human Resources Department's Conflict Resolution Program.

The grievance procedure described in sections 3.7 Tenured and Tenure-track Faculty, 4.8 Continued Appointment Faculty, 5.7 Non-Tenure-track Instructional Faculty, 6.17 Research Faculty, and 7.7 Administrative and Professional Faculty of the Faculty Handbook is available to resolve complaints by a faculty member alleging a violation, misinterpretation, or incorrect application of a policy, procedure, or practice of the university that directly affects that individual.

To initiate the grievance process, complete the appropriate form:

To extend the response time for a grievance, complete the Agreement to Extend the Deadline for Grievance Response (PDF)