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Top 10 Reasons to be a Virginia Tech Faculty Member

Becoming a faculty member at Virginia Tech is a prestigious and rewarding opportunity, offering a wide range of benefits and opportunities for professional growth and personal fulfillment.  Here are 10 reasons to consider joining the Virginia Tech faculty:

  1. World-Renowned Institution: Virginia Tech is committed to becoming a global top-100 land grant university. As a member of the faculty, you will be part of an institution that aims for excellence on the global stage.
  2. Community of Scholars: Virginia Tech is a community of thriving world-class scholars, which means you'll be surrounded by colleagues who have a deep passion for learning, who are at the forefront of their respective fields, and who push the boundaries of human knowledge.
  3. Support for Faculty Success: Virginia Tech is committed to the success of our faculty, providing the resources and assistance needed for personal and professional growth, and a nurturing, dynamic, innovative, and high-achieving academic environment.
  4. Work-Life Balance: At Virginia Tech, we believe work-life balance is crucial for enhancing the overall well-being and promoting sustained productivity and creativity of our faculty, and we support our faculty with a variety of programs to help them achieve their ideal balance.
  5. Career Development: As a faculty member, you'll have access to various resources and professional development opportunities, including mentoring grants, writing retreats, and mid-career mentoring initiatives. We believe that your success is our success.
  6. Promotion and Tenure (P&T) Support: At Virginia Tech, we are committed to helping faculty succeed and advance in their academic careers, including helping faculty members navigate the P&T process to achieve tenure and promotion. 
  7. Recruiting and Retention: Virginia Tech is committed to recruiting and retaining world-class faculty colleagues, offering competitive compensation and benefits, and a supportive environment.
  8. Diversity and Inclusion: Virginia Tech values diversity and inclusion, where we believe that scholarly excellence follows from having a richness of the perspectives and backgrounds, and where we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming campus community for all.
  9. Outstanding Students: With an acceptance rate of 57%, Virginia Tech's undergraduate students are characterized by their high academic achievements, with the middle 50% of students scoring between 1,200 and 1,400 on the SAT, with over 75% engaging in volunteer activities during their time at the university.
  10. An Institution on the Move: This year, US News and World Report ranked Virginia Tech 20th in Top Public Schools and #47 in National Universities; that’s up 33 percent from 30th and 36 percent from 74th, respectively, in just the past two years. If you are not convinced by rankings, research awards to Virginia Tech faculty have grown 31 percent and research expenditures have grown 28 percent.